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Last Day on Earth Survival Apk Mod Menu + Obb / Craft Gratis v 1.18.13


Last Day on Earth Survival Apk Mod Menu + Obb / Craft Free  –  survival simulator  for android devices.

Last Day on Earth apk
mod updated 2021  hack free shopping all unlocked with infinite energy  –  The action takes place in 2027 when an outbreak of a previously unknown infection broke out on our planet. Its spread was rapid and deadly, and humanity was on the brink of extinction. But most terrible was the reincarnation of the dead into the bloodthirsty zombies that destroy all life in their path. The few survivors immune to the virus try to survive in the wastelands, in an Apocalypse atmosphere, full of dangers, threats and limited resources.

Fight for survival
Build your base, protect it and send the few survivors found there. Control a group of survivors, expand and strengthen your settlements, get resources and keep track of your character's vitals. Collect valuable resources to craft, craft powerful and diverse weapons that will give the zombie hordes a worthy rejection.

You can even use improvised tools, like a bat or a traffic light, to destroy the enemy. Learn new technologies, explore a huge game world, equip the hero with a teeth-crushing weapon and participate in battles for control of resources. Survive alone or join forces with allies, plunder abandoned territories, obtain food by hunting wild animals and destroy hordes of zombies!

The save files can be found in the path:  sd/android/data/zombie.survival.craft.files

Solution for  endless game loading:

1 – Go to game settings, stop the game and clear your cache;
2 – Try to enter the game;
3 - Didn't come in? Go to sdcard/Android/data /zombie.survival.craft.z ;
4 – Delete the cache folder;
5 – Copy the file folder to any other place;
6 – Delete the folder sdcard/Android/data /zombie.survival.craft.zfiles ;
7 – Enter the game, select any server and collect any item;
8 – Go to game settings, stop the game;
9 – Delete the folder sdcard/Android/data /zombie.survival.craft.zfiles  and sdcard/Android/data /zombie.survival.craft.zcache ;
10 – Transfer the previously copied files folder to sdcard/Android/data /zombie.survival.craft.zfiles ;
11 – Try to enter the game;
12 – Still not in? Do the steps again from step  4  or reset the phone to factory settings.


Need to enable:  Overlay permission and storage permission  (if any) in your phone settings to make the menu appear

•  Free creation (you can create things even if you don't have enough components);

•  You can split individual items;

•  Unlocked paid skins;


1.  Dividing items increases their number;

2.  Infinite durability of tools and equipment ( disable before using the recycler );

3.  All crafting recipes are available regardless of character level ;

4.  Instant movement on foot across the global map ( events do not appear without wasting energy ) ;

5.  Opening a survivor's paid journal rewards + switching from a location to a global map gives an unknown crate + moving from a global map to a location generates invaders;

6.  Consumables are not spent (eg first aid kits - disable this item if you cannot place any items);

7.  Immortality;

8.  High damage;

9.  Fast walking;

10.  Mobs stand still.

•  If you are already playing the mod and want to continue where you left off, install the apk file of the new version of the mod without deleting the old version of the mod.
•  Also, to backup your progress, copy the “ zombie.survival.craft.z ” folder on your Android/data and paste it in a different, safe location on your device.
•  To login and sync with your Facebook and Google account, you need to root and use  Lucky Patcher .


1 –  The mod does not work in multiplayer locations! By hacking into them, the game may ban you;

2 –  Do not use the recycling machine;

3 –  Some events and locations may not appear in the mod;

4 –  The producer has now increased their anti-cheat measures, if you log in to  Sector 7 , your game progress may be interrupted and you will not be able to log in, you will have to delete-install and restart.

All in-game items are unlocked, crafting things that can't be done in the usual way (since the game doesn't have some crafting components) can break the game!


• Horse saddle

• Mortar

• Assault Helmet

• Assault Vest

• Assault Greaves

• Assault Boots

• Explosive Material

• Repair Station

• Zombie Van

• Helicoptero Mi-24

• Electronic Workbench

• Dragunov

•  Defects fixed.


Updated:  02/18/2022

Internet:  Required

ROOT:  Not necessary

Requires Android:  5.0 or higher

Version:  1.18.13

Provided by:  Kefir!

HOW TO INSTALL (UPDATE) Last Day on Earth Survival Apk Mod Menu + Obb/Craft Free

1 -  Download the APK file: If you want to update the app, install the new apk file without deleting the old one. Otherwise, progress will not be saved. 

2 -  Allow in settings to install apps from unknown sources (done once)

3 -  Install the apk (downloaded files are usually placed in the "Downloads" folder)

4 -  Run the application

WARNING:  When playing this apk, please disable auto login in Google Play Games app. 

HOW TO INSTALL (UPDATE) Last Day on Earth Survival Apk Mod Menu + Obb/Craft Free